Ferrari 458 vs. Lamborghini Huracan: Which Exotic Car Rental is Better?

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Ferrari 485 vs. Lamborghini Huracan: Which Exotic Car Rental is Better?

Many exotic car rental clients typically narrow their rental options down to the Ferrari 458 and the Lamborghini Huracan – two extremely popular vehicles. However, picking between the two can be tough. In the hope of making a client’s decision making easier and assisting to help find their most suitable rental, we decided that it would be useful to provide a side-by-side review of each car. Such factors within this comparison will include the vehicles favored attributes, as well as why customers may have picked one over the other. The ultimate goal is to paint you a picture of what it would be like to be behind the wheel. A high-quality exotic car rental miami experience can be had at Auto Boutique Car Rental.

The Ferrari 458 Spider

Ferrari 458 spider

As the last naturally aspirated Ferrari to be made, the Ferrari 458 Spider is Ferrari’s most popular car ever sold. Many clients love the airy, open feeling the comes as a factor of its beautifully curved roof. Additionally, over 570 horsepower is pushed out from its small liter v8 on top of an 8,000 rpm Ferrari-branded exhaust note. For a good reason Ferrari’s class makes up for Lamborghini’s power; there is nothing like it on the road today.

The Lamborghini Huracan

It’s not uncommon for a customer to experience an adrenal rush when they get behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Huracan Spider. As the replacement for the Gallardo, the Huracan has strongly lived up to its expectations; within less than 2.8 seconds drivers can hit 60mph and keep them going well-past 200mph. In fact, think of it like a raging bull just waiting to be ridden – with its 602 horsepower, V10 engine, and sleek designed features. Nonetheless, its attention-demanding attitude and aggressive designing are what really draws our customers in and certainly catch the eyes and lens’ of many.

The rivalry between the two typically runs deep for customers– when one favors one car, it is extremely unlikely for them to betray their beloved brand. For those who either don’t favor a specific car or want the best of both worlds, we can agree that deciding between the two can be challenging. Nonetheless, whether customers choose a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, they all leave with one thing in common – a big smile.

Fortunately, since you are not the owner of either car and not financially invested in the future praying for a low annual depreciation figure, you can have the best of both worlds and experience/appreciate each brand. The simplest way to apply for one of our rentals at Auto Boutique is to enter a quote on our form via, or give us a call at (305)-804-4502.

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